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About Stefan:

Stefan is an undergraduate student at Anderson University in Anderson, South Carolina.. He will graduate in May of 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts, concentration in Graphic Design, and a minor in Theatre. A Greenville native, Stefan has had the opportunity to live in four U.S. states and two countries across the world. The unique and mind-opening perspective this experience has provided gives Stefan a drive to solve problems and a hunger for learning that will never leave. He looks forward to exploring opportunities beyond higher education that will provide further learning in a broadening of perspective, challenging problem-solving experiences, and meaningful relationships with employers and clients. Please contact Stefan for recommendations.

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I aim to fully explore visual and strategic plans that result in exemplary product deliveries that meet my client’s needs and achieves their goals. I look forward to being given the opportunity to help you build your next goal.

“Attempt always to uncover the beauty in everyday surroundings. If you cannot find it, then be the one to create it.”

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