Large Format Installation

Producing a unique theatrical production from an obscure writer makes attracting an audience particularly challenging when the production is the second of a three-part series. How can the importance of the entire series be conveyed without producing a five-hour show?

This large format installation introduces the writer, adds a timeline of their important works, and provides context to the show in an engaging, vibrant way intended to attract an audience waiting for the doors to open. Head shots for the actors include a secondary audience of friends and family while the hand-crafted, geometrically-patterned background subtly references the show’s poignant finale.


Stefan Poses with Large Format Installation, September 26th, 2019

Large format posters mounted on wood block print background of latex paint on wood. Original show poster design by Madeline Hamic, processed for large format printing by Stefan. 6ft x 24ft (1.8m x 7.3m approx.) Each of the 212 roses were individually woodblock printed in a three color process.