About the Brand Symbol

A brand’s symbol must be both unique and extraordinarily applicable. These attributes provide its strongest indicators of effective audience communication and recognition, but behind each symbol must lie a vast wealth of research and refinement to achieve a final product which can be reproduced both digitally and in print.

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1. In the Beginning
Research and documentation is provided through personality tests, word maps, and sketches.

16 Personalities Test This test is from 16 Personalities.

Enneagram Test This test is from Electric Energies.

IPP-NEO Test This test is from Penn State University.

Pottermore Test This test is from Pottermore.
2. Step Two
 Translating abstract ideas gleaned from research into language.
3. Early Sketches
Beginning sketches explore lenses as a facilitator of an image and how light interacts with a lens.
4. Sketching Progress
Further research into lensing uncovers the only kind of lens that is not directly tied to life–the gravitational lens. Additionally, a combination of initials resurfaces from fourth grade.

“Good eyes, Stefan.” – Faith Cupka

5. Gravitational Lens
“…A distribution of matter between a distant light source and an observer that is capable of bending the light from the source as the light travels towards the observer.” This is part of Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity.

Gravitational lensing caused by a distant galaxy cluster passing behind a Schwarzschild black hole.
Simulation sourced from 
Urbane Legend (optimised for web use by Alain r)

6. A Defined Path
The imagery is extremely powerful and warrants additional exploration through sketches.

7. Digitization
The general shape and form has been established based on meaning and context through sketching. It is time to begin digitizing.

8. Color Application
The main, secondary, and tertiary colors are chosen based on appropriateness, research, context, and unbiased viewer feedback.

9. Final Adjustments
Final adjustments are made to the symbol in the vector program and brand lockups are created.

Additionally, a version of the symbol is exported demonstrating the geometrical foundation of the symbol.

10. Brand Components
All brand components are finalized and exported. The mockups below fully demonstrate these components.